The theme at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy (SPEMA) is “Cultivating the Art of Engineering Excellence.”  Our goal is to ensure that all students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that promotes student collaboration.  In addition we work to develop partnerships with both community members and surrounding businesses.  One of the primary purposes of the school is to ensure that all students are exposed to our STEAM concept.  The STEAM concept allows the students to be exposed to rigorous activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.



Students take traditional science courses that include life, earth, and physical science.  There is a state of the art science lab in which students complete weekly experiments that align with the curriculum.  In addition, ExxonMobil employees conduct frequent observations experiments with students.



The students have the option of taking various technology courses.  The courses are technology-rich and encourage students to take an active role in the use of various computer programs and software.  We offer the following technology courses:  Game Design, Multimedia Productions, Music and Technology, Music Theory, and Introduction to Business Computer Applications. 



Engineering is the core program of the school.  We have a strenuous robotics programs that include multiclass levels.  The robotics program includes the following courses: Robotics I, Advanced Robotics, Marine Robotics, and Green Robotics.  The students frequently compete in competitions at the school, district, and state levels.  Also, the students are allowed to take the Project Lead the Way course. The course  challenges the students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers while also preparing them to interact with the global economy.



The school is heavily focused on the math curriculum.  SPEMA uses a variety of resources to implement Common Core State Standards.  In addition, all students take math every day to provide enrichment and intervention activities to the students. In addition, we have two separate types of after school math tutoring programs that are for both struggling and advanced students.

As anyone can see, SPEMA promotes positive school climate, rigorous instructions, and cultural experiences.  It is very important that the students are exposed to various activities to contribute to them becoming a well-rounded individual.  We take great pride in our program, and we strive to make every child become a productive citizen.



Art is a new component to the school’s theme.  The art program has allowed SPEMA to include an additional program to our original STEM theme.  We offer various art courses that include Dance, Jazz Band, Guitar, Choir, Art, Lego Art, and Culinary.  Many of the programs frequently perform at district, state, and national events.