On behalf of the SPEMA faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Middle Magnet.


We are dedicated to providing our students with a safe learning environment, challenging our students to reach their greatest potential, and helping students master skills needed to be successful. Our goal is to ensure a broad range of experiences while building a strong relationship between school, home, and community.


We are glad you are here, and we hope your time at SPEMA will be rewarding, educational, and enjoyable. We have set forth regulations, which govern SPEMA students to ensure that every student has a safe and positive educational experience. We are proud of our school and the opportunities we have for our students. I hope you share in our pride and develop that Stallion spirit. Together, we will have a great year!

                                                                        - Dr. Aaron Sinclair, Principal

As the Principal and former teacher, I have been tasked with sustaining the first dedicated STEAM middle school magnet program in East Baton Rouge Parish. During my tenure, the school has received five national recognitions, over $150,000 in grants, moved to a school letter grade of B, developed partnerships with over 25 business partners, and accomplished numerous athletic feats. The school is the only Nationally Certified STEAM themed school in the state of Louisiana.

With a robust STEAM curriculum, the students are exposed to 21st-century concepts that require the use of critical thinking skills. Students take traditional and non-traditional courses such as forensic science, ceramics, and graphic design. Students also enroll in technology courses such as game design, multimedia productions, and business computer applications. Since technology classes are the foundation to other components of our program, a 1-to-1 Chromebook Initiative has been implemented.  Under my leadership, we will continue the leveled engineering programming opportunities for students which include robotics, green architecture and design, marine robotics, and audio engineering to name a few. SPEMA has used the knowledge gained from engineering to impact the community (redesigning a car, creating prosthetic hands, and providing food from our garden).  The school also has a variety of courses to promote students’ artistic abilities. The art programs have received top honors at the Apollo Theatre and Disney World.  Most importantly, the students have the opportunity to enroll in multiple high school credit courses. For the past several years, we have had over 90 percent of our students leave with at least three (3) high school credits with some having enough credits to be classified as a sophomore.

My goal, as the leader of the school, is to assist students as they grapple with an ever-changing world.  I hope that through robust curricula, educational opportunities, and a strong partnership with parents, we can guide and mold the minds of future generations to come.  Your continued support is crucial to the success of our school especially our students. 


Faculty and Staff