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Who We Are

Cultivating the Art of Engineering Excellence

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy offers strong preparation in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The school is designed to prepare students for their post-secondary education and eventually a career in the STEM field. This concept uses project-based, hands-on experiences, and problem solving techniques to promote critical thinking skills and teach students the engineering design process.  Our course selections include various classes such as Game Design, Community Art, Green Agriculture, and Robotics.

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering’s alignment in our educational activities and instructional practices supports our mission, vision, and goals. The highly specialized learning curriculum allows students to enhance their educational growth in STEAM related concepts. Students learn in an environment that promotes their creativity and talents in both engineering and in art courses. The theme of the program also allows students to learn in an environment that propels their creativity and talents through various arts and elective courses.

What We Do

The STEAM program at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy is leveled and designed to meet the students at their individual academic levels and move them to higher levels of study. Advanced students are placed in high school credit courses.

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy has a STEAM focus:   



In the area of science, students take traditional science courses that include integrated science,  environmental science, and non-traditional science courses such as forensic and agricultural science in a state-of-the-art science lab.


In the area of technology, students have the option of taking various technology courses such as:  Game Design, Multimedia Productions, Coding, Keyboarding and Keyboarding Applications.


In the area of engineering, the students can take various levels of robotics and engineering courses. In the Robotics I course, students learn STEM concepts utilizing LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robots while focusing on science and math concepts. In Robotics II, students continue with skills from Robotics I but also use AutoCAD® to create robotic designs.  Some students have the opportunity to take Marine Robotics to become familiar with ocean technology by building remotely operated underwater vehicles and are also offered swimming lessons as part of the curriculum.


In the area of art, students can take a variety of courses to promote their artistic abilities. which includes visual, fine, and the performing arts. We have a dance program, which includes various artistic genres that allows students to be exposed to a range of dance techniques from hip hop to ballet.  Our music program includes band. Finally, the visual arts include students taking Art I for high school credit and Advanced Art, which allow students to express their artistic ability within a community setting.


In the area of math, students take traditional math classes as well as high school credit math classes. Math courses focus on specific concepts such as linear and quadratic equations, polynomials, exponents and logarithms. Students also have the option to take Algebra I and Geometry for high school credit.

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How We Do It

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy is the first school in the state to implement the Flying Classroom STEM curriculum. The curriculum was created by Captain Barrington Irvin who was the first African American and youngest person to fly solo around the world.


Ms. Scott, a former principal, was born prematurely with only two fingers on her left hand. Based on the engineering design process and use of STEM concepts the students created a prosthetic hand for Ms. Scott’s functional use. The students created the bionic hand using advanced 3D printing capabilities. 

The school has been extremely successful with implementing a strong STEM program. The students have been recognized at multiple school board meetings for first place honors at Future City Regional Competition and competed nationally, underwater robot performance in Dauphin Island and Baton Rouge Foundation’s STEM initiatives. Scotlandville was the only school showcased at the Gen Ready STEM Initiative at Baton Rouge Community College.


Many of our teachers have received individual awards for their classroom accomplishments. The robotics teacher received the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce Excellent Teacher Award, the math department has been awarded grants from ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart, and AT&T, and several teachers have been inducted to the district’s STEM Fellows program. The program was launched by Capital One Bank to provide resources and professional development to STEM teachers. In addition, one of the teachers was selected to have the U.S. Navy complete demonstrations in her class.

School Awards & Recognitions

Scotlandville placed first in the Future City Regional winners and national competitors​.

Placed 3rd at the Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle competition in Dauphin Island, Alabama.

Dance team received the Apollo Theatre for Showcased Talent recognition, Outstanding Performance at Disney World, awarded Universal Dance Association top honors, and received honors at the New Orleans Pelicans Dance Competition.

SPEMA student was a recipient of the Earnest Gaines Award for Literary Excellence.

Magnet Schools of America Merit Award of Distinction for two years.

Nationally Certified Magnet School.

Ms. Scott was named a district “hero” for her works with STEM program and the students’ creation of a prosthetic hand.

Numerous athletic awards such as District Football and Boys Basketball Champions for the last three years.

2018 Equity Honoree as selected by Louisiana Department of Education based on increase in Test Score,

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Why We Do It

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy (SPEMA) is a dedicated magnet school that incorporates STEAM into every facet of the curriculum. The objective is to provide students with soft skills, via collaborative learning, to equip them to deal with the demands of a high-tech global economy. 


The mission of SPEMA is to educate students using various STEM-related techniques, incorporation of arts, and effective use of the engineering design process.  We provide students with a range of experiences while building a strong relationship between school, home, and the community. We strive to implement “The Art of Engineering Excellence” through innovative programs and providing opportunities for research through hands-on project-based learning with a focus on solving problems in the school’s community.

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